Fine Dining Indian Restaurant
Fine Dining Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant Nottingham

The Bridge and Bayleaf is an exciting new indian restaurant that's located on the picturesque banks of the River Trent in Nottingham. With such fantastic surroundings, it only seems fair for us to serve some of the finest food available in the area complimented with some fantastic selections of wine to make it a perfect evening for all of our diners.

Indian Food Nottingham

Finding a restaurant that serves high quality Indian food is not always easy but here at The Bridge and Bayleaf we believe our enthusiasm for delivering some of the finest Indian food in Nottingham which utilises only the freshest and best ingredients sets us apart from all other Indian restaurants in Nottingham.

Riverside Restaurants Nottingham

As you may have noticed, we are really proud of our fantastic location and we believe that we now offer the best in riverside restaurants Nottingham. Why not enjoy some of our fine cuisine whilst looking out over the River Trent as the barges and boats meander nonchalantly by the windows.

Tandoori Nottingham

The Bridge and Bayleaf is an exciting tandoori and offers some of the finest food and views to be found in Nottingham. People are already travelling from far afield to experience this unique dining pleasure. All this makes us the perfect Tandoori for those looking for something extra so choose us for tandoori Nottingham.

Fine Dining Indian Restaurant

The views can only be bettered by one thing - the food and here at The Bridge and Bayleaf, we offer you a fine dining Indian restaurant that we want you to call your own. Our diverse range of dishes set us aside from all of the competition and believe that if you're looking for a fine dining Indian restaurant in Nottingham, or anywhere, then look no further than the Bridge and Bayleaf.

Curry Restaurant Nottingham

So, to conclude, if you're looking for top quality food, drink, views and service then we have the curry restaurant for you. Why not call us today to book a table, but be quick, our curry restaurant is already highly in demand so contact us today for curry restaurant Nottingham.